Preparing for Your Tattoo 

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, late arrivals will result in a canceled appointment and a lost deposit. To ensure you have a comfortable sit, eat well before you arrive and bring food and drink to take you through the day. Keep your entourage to a minimum (1) and please, no kids.

Tattoo Aftercare 

Tonight (day one)

  1.  Tonight, remove the bandage that is covering your tattoo, with unscented soap, wash off all the Vaseline thoroughly, until the slimy feeling is gone (this may take a few minutes).
  1.  Apply a thin layer of Polysporin (the greasy kind) and re-wrap your tattoo with a fresh bandage or clean saran wrap before bed.

Tomorrow (day two)

  1.  Tomorrow morning (day two), remove bandage, with an unscented soap, wash off all the Polysporin thoroughly, until the slimy feeling is gone (this may take a few minutes).


  1.  Wash your tattoo well with an unscented soap every two to three hours throughout the day (day two).

Day three and beyond

  1.  Wash your tattoo lightly with an unscented soap at the very end of your daily shower.  Try to keep your tattoo out of the water for the majority of the shower.
  1.  On day three or four, as your tattoo is healing, you will notice that it is starting to feel tight and look like it is drying out.  This is an appropriate time to start applying a thin layer of moisturizer your tattoo, three or four times a day.  Make sure you wash your hands before you touch your tattoo.

General Guidelines

No pools, no hot tubs, no sun, no picking your scabs, no pets licking your tattoo, and don’t listen to your friends when they tell you how to heal your tattoo.  Sleep in clean, fresh sheets, keep pets out of the bed and wear clean loose clothing. If you have any question please call Narrow Waters Tattoo 236.420.1567